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Marketing Strategy & Execution

Ford Global Group develops comprehensive marketing strategies that align with your organization’s objectives and take full control of the implementation process. We monitor and evaluate our strategy to ensure maximum optimization for your organization.

Digital & Social Media Strategy

Ford Global Group provides custom digital and social media strategies designed specifically to meet the needs of your organization. We work collaboratively to develop an understanding of your objectives and organization to develop content and delivery methods that best meet your needs

Advocacy Campaign Strategy

Whether social and racial justice, climate change or animal rights, Ford Global Group develops concrete advocacy campaigns to generate support for your organization’s targeted proposal or policy. We work collaboratively to develop a strategy that targets the right audience and gets the awareness your advocacy campaign deserves. 

Creative Services

Ford Global Group offers a diverse range of creative services in design and copywriting to suit your organization’s needs. These services include but are not limited to; 

  • Brand/Logo Development

  • Presentation/Media/Sponsorship Kits

  • Newsletter/Publications

  • Sales and Marketing Collateral

  • Video Production 

  • Copywriting & Script Writing

  • Social Media Content


At Ford Global Group, our Crowdfund Marketing strategies have been developed and designed to help you raise funding, and get you exposure with your specific target market, and create recognition for your product or brand. We utilize top performing platforms such as GoFundMe, Canada Helps, and Kickstarter to raise the capital your organization requires. 

Search Engine Optimization Services  (SEO)
Public Relations/Media Relations

Here at Ford Global Group, we provide businesses with a comprehensive, ‘all-in-one’ online marketing & web management service which delivers long-lasting results. Our approach is sustainable, data-driven & focused on business growth – leading us to truly believe that we provide some of the best Search Engine Optimization strategies and tactics.

Translation Services

Ford Global Group offers translation services to suit your organization’s needs. Whether you need content translated into French or Spanish to target a specific demographic, or you need Medical translation for marketing or regulatory purposes, we are here to help. 

Public and Media relations are essential for all organizations. The main objective is to build relationships with media outlets and work with them to get the attention your organization deserves. Ford Global Group has fostered long-lasting relationships with global media outlets, journalists and reporters and will act as a liaison between you and these outlets to ensure your organization gets the positive press it needs to thrive in its industry. 

Legislative and Regulatory Strategy 

Ford Global Group has fostered long-lasting relationships with elected officials across North America at all levels of government. As an unbiased agency, we work with all political parties to plan and strategize legislative and regulatory policies that align with their parties platform. 

Crisis Communications

Ford Global Group understands that market and public opinion matter, and sometimes your organization is hit with a negative surprise that needs to be handled strategically, professionally and effectively. Whether it be any threats to the organization such as product recalls, financial loss, accidents, hostile disputes or takeovers, Ford Global Group can help you manage the task ahead, and guide you through strategic measures to ensure you emerge in a positive light. 

Media Buy/Advertising

Ford Global Group develops and manages your advertisements across several buying platforms to ensure maximum reach and performance. We utilize KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertisement on each platform and alter strategies as required. 

Strategy Planning, Design and Stakeholder Engagement

Your organization's stakeholders are the key to your success. For municipalities, non-profits or political organizations - we understand that your best policies and strategic plans must be informed by key stakeholders. At Ford Global Group, we map out key stakeholders and engage, consult and facilitate public discussions to provide your organization with the best strategies to fulfill your vision and bring your organization to the next level.

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